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capri pasta
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Our menu is a collection of genuine Italian recipes.  We serve these meals the way that fits your needs. A quick tasty and healthy lunch, business lunch light but original, a more formal full service dinner (soon with wine wine selection), To Go (at work or at home with your family) or we can even cater your event - an original way to surprise your guests!

capri pasta Grana Padana

For many cultures, food is just means of survival. For ours, it is a way to celebrate and honor our guests. Our food is about giving yourself over to your senses. Enjoying feelings, tastes, textures, colors. For Italians, there is no greater expression of joy and celebration than when family and friends sit down together before a table full of food. When we seat ourselves this way, especially for holidays and special occasions, the cook's pride shines through. To us, food conveys passion, intense love, home, family. These ideas are where the idea of the romantic dinner, the casual lunch date, or the family supper may find their roots.

One old saying that fits is "Tu sei per come mangi!" (You are what you eat!)

capri pasta
capri pasta
capri pasta